Friday, 3 December 2010

Kano: Interview

A lot of reviews have said that ‘Method To The Maadness’ is your most dancey record to date. What do you reckon? Is it an album designed for the clubs rather than the underground?

There are tracks for the clubs like 'Get Wild' and 'Crazy' but it's not a dance album in my opinion.

What do you dance to in a club then?

Possibly House Of Pain- Jump Around. But for me right now it's Rick Ross- BMF. That always gets the party started.

Any of your new tracks that you're particularly excited about?

I'm really proud of 'Get Wild' and 'Spaceship' but it's a complete body of work really, every track is from the heart and so unique.

You’ve previously spoken out about artistic integrity. Why is that so important to you?

If you are a true artist then you will always try to remain true to what it is that you do. I can't make music I hate, but I think the masses will love. Or music somebody tells me to make or worse, makes for me. I'm not a puppet, but there's a lot of them out there right now...

Jay-Z obviously thinks you're doing something right. He recently gave you a shout out on radio, that must have been quite an honour...

Yeah, it was. I really respect him as an artist and value his opinion. It's nice to see someone of his stature taking notice of what we're doing over here. He basically lives up there in the clouds so to be on his radar means you're standing out from the crowd.

He caught you on the Gorillaz tour. How has that been?

The tour's been great. It's my first time spending so much time in America and I've been playing in arenas every night. I can't complain. To be part of a show with a group of people that would never have normally got together is amazing. A real life changing experience for me. A world tour! It's been crazy.

And how has it been working with Damon?

I will always work with Damon any chance we get. We've done about three or four songs together now and it's always a new vibe with him. We're always thinking how can we push it further, whether its musically, lyrically, or whatever. We always want it to be different to what's out there at the moment and what we've done before.

The tour has given you the chance to collaborate with some amazing people. Anyone else on your wish list?

I'm blessed to have most of my favourites on 'Method To The Maadness' - Vybz Kartel, Wiley, Ghetts, Damon. I just missed out on Mos Def but hopefully that will happen at some point soon.

You distribute music via your own record label. Why did you decide to do that?

Just to have full control of the music I put out. Obviously when you sell records you make more money than you would otherwise too, but it's more about what suits me creatively at this moment in time.

Was it partly a reaction to the way the music industry is going?

Well, I think major record companies are gonna be in big trouble over the next few years. They know that too. They're not stupid. But their way of dealing with the immediate problem is by taking from the artist even harder than they were before. I think that's a bit wrong, but I get it. The thing is people will always need music. They've just got into a habit of not buying it.

You’re beloved by indie hipsters as well as hip hop heads. Why do you feel that is?

I don't know. They have good taste?! But really, all my albums have been diverse and so have the features I've done, from Gorillaz to Shy FX to Chase & Status, so its not surprising when I play a gig and the audience reflects that diversity.

What can we expect from you in 2011?

Another album. Maybe mix tapes too.

Finally, what do you want for Christmas?

A fucking present for once!

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