Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Kabeedies

The Kabeedies- Norwich’s answer to the question “So what popular music have you ever produced then?” Sort of.

The success of these Norfolk dwelling lads (and one lady) is as easy as Sunday morning to fathom. They are simply the kind of band you cannot fail to like. Even if you’re a musical purist who will only listen to rare The Fall B-sides, you can’t escape the deliciously moreish fun and frolics of this band. It’s a bit like enjoying ABBA. You can’t help yourself. You think you’re immune and then you hear the “Aaaaah Aaaaaaah dun dun da dun dun” of Dancing Queen and you’re like OMG! Get me on the dancefloor!

The Kabeedies have jangly guitars, four part harmonies, and that brilliant boy-girl-call-response-shouty thing that always makes people smile. They have a song called Fuzzy Felt. They’re just fun, jaunty pop and they make you want to eat jelly and bounce up and down on a bouncy castle (though not straight afterwards because you might be sick) Their live shows are more frantic than a tasmanian devil at a roller disco and thus, quite rightly, they are hailed as Norwich legends.

What makes less sense is that the rest of the UK, nay the world, haven’t caught up. After all they have that whole Bombay Bicycle Club-Mystery Jets-Los Campesinos thing going on and they sound like that hazy feeling between sober and drunk when everything is bloody brilliant. And people really like all of those things. Despite notching up some excellent BBC Introducing performances and a whole heap of festival dates, the band have only managed to make a gentle dent in the nation's music scene. Now is their time to smash it completely into a million jingly jangly pieces. Every year is tipped as the year of the Kabeedies but maybe 2010/11 really will be. Those in the know are going to be keeping our fingers, toes and eyes crossed for them as, like proud mother geese, we watch them fly the nest towards mainstream musical acceptance. It’s only fair of us to share them after all.

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